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Improvvisart - The IMPROVISATION THEATRE in Apulia Region, Italy

Improvvisart is a young Cooperative Company placed in Lecce. We are officially affiliated with the National Cultural Association “Improteatro”, which is the Italian network responsible for spreading the art of improvisation across Theatre Schools throughout Italy.

Improvvisart is the first School of Improvisation Theatre (SNIT - National School of Theatrical Improvisation) born in the Apulia Region. We currently organise 3 years training courses to get the Amateur Performer Qualification, being the first company that performs this type of theatre in our area. We are also actively involved in organising shows, national meetings, various training courses and workshops.

Improvvisart main activities can be summarized as the following:

- the Improteatro National Season “Improvviva!” production (now in its fourth edition). This important event allows qualified actors to perform in our City Theatre “Paisiello”.

- Improfestival - International Improvvisation Theatre Festival, a summer Rally attended by improvisers coming from all over Italy (now in its third edition).

- Edutainment  - activities that could be carried out in cities, small villages and museums.

From the 1st of July 2013, Improvvisart has joined the Regional Performing Arts, Culture and Entertainment Register.

Improvvisart works in four main areas:

Shows and Edutainment: creation, organization and management of cultural events, artistic direction of exhibitions, festivals and training courses, co-ordinating the original edutainment formats production named "A Journey in Time - Visit / Entertainment in cities, villages and museums of Puglia with theatrical incursions in historical periods, the  Improvisation theatre "Murder Party ", “Improgames " ," Improvviva!" and the “Salento Improfestival” - the Improvisation Theatre Interactional Festival;

Theatrical Improvisation: we are the Apulian head office of the National School of Theatrical Improvisation ( SNIT ) owing the exclusive management of the shows set in the Apulia Region;

Training: indoor and outdoor team building activities for businesses companies, public administrations and other type of organisations;

Communication: advertising campaigns, press office service, conventional and unconventional promotion.

IMPROVVISART società cooperativa Partita I.V.A.: 04218160754 | Credits: ITC Advisor